About Us

About Us

Vision Statement of HAO UK

People living with disabilities are able to participate as full members of society in a way that respects their dignity and right to choose how they live their lives

Mission Statement of HAO UK

To support the provision of quality services that facilitates the integration and full participation of institutionalised people into society.


    • Improve the lives of vulnerable young disabled people by providing them with an opportunity to leave Romanian institutions and live as full participating members of society.
    • Reduce the cycle of poverty for young disabled people by promoting equal opportunities to education and employment.
    • Ensure local resources are capable of delivering a high quality support service to vulnerable disabled people.
    • Ensure vulnerable young disabled people have a voice that is heard by Government and civil society organisations so that their needs are considered as part of decision making processes. 


  • To create opportunities for vulnerable young disabled people to leave Romanian institutions and support their inclusion into the community by providing them with the independent living skills that will allow them to secure employment
  • Facilitate the development of a parent network that can lobby for better services young vulnerable disabled people.
  • Provide training to local government and civil society staff so that they can deliver a high quality support service based on the social model of disability.

HAO UK works closely with HAO Ireland and FVB Romania to achieve our mission. It will apply for UK funding and by developing a network of supporters will run local fundraising events. HOUK will expand the knowledge base of all members of HAO UK so that they clearly understand and can support our aims and objectives.